But I haven’t been sleeping, I promise.

Sorry for the prolonged silence on the blog. The thing is that I’ve been rather busy with writing things on paper. Well not literally, as the printers gets the words on paper, but I have been involved in four book projects this winter; when I say I, I mean we, Kenneth Ingebretsen and I. They all had to be finished almost at the same time, so that they could be published in March this year and as anyone that has ever written a book knows, writing it is only half the job. All the little things that must be checked, double checked and dealt with after you’ve handed in the script take a large amount of time. Now they are all done, and I can wait for them to be published in March.

These are the titles I’ve been working on:

Perennials – which plant where

(Stauder – hvilken plante hvor)

Forside stauder

This book is about how to use herbaceous perennials in the garden, how to put them together, which perennials you can use to get a certain feel in your garden or for certain conditions, like a garden in the mountains, by the sea, in the shade, in wet or dry places, in the woodland, or to group with roses.

The book also contains a mini encyclopedia of 101 different hardy and reliable perennials that you can use in your garden.

Stauder 1

Stauder 2 copy

Stauder 3 copy

Stauder 4 copy

Pots and containers

(Krukker og potter)

Forside krukker

This book is about planting up pots and containers with an emphasis on using annuals and container plants. It gives the reader a quick introduction to planting up and caring for the plants, and a bit about what else  you could use apart from annuals.



Krukker3 copy



Grow fruit and berries

(Dyrk frukt og bær)

Forside frukt

A book about growing fruit and berries. Just as it says on the cover. The book explains everything from planting, pruning and how to care for the different sorts of fruit and berries you can grow in your garden.

Frukt 1 copyFrukt 2 copyFrukt 3 copy

Grow organic

Dyrk økologisk

Dyrk okologisk

A book written by the Swedish garden writer Eva Robild which I’ve translated into Norwegian. This is the third book in this series that I have translated earlier, the two others being Grow In Pallet Collars and The Greenhouse.

Lastly, if you want to, you can see some of the other books I’ve written on the webpage of Cappelen Damm, the publishing house I work with here in Norway.

3 comments on “It’s oh so quiet…

  1. Carol Stewart

    Your pics are beautiful. I wish I could read Norwegian!


  2. denise wyllie artist

    Congratulations on gathering together such a tempting treat of colours forms and hopes for beautiful gardens that flower in our imagination. I have been sad with no hope and this gives me a glimmer of optimism. Respect -a poor painter Denise Wyllie


  3. Cathy Rezos

    Beautiful! Wish they were in English.


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