Talks and writing

Although I consider myself a practical and hands on gardener, most of my working life has been spent behind a desk. I started working on the editorial team for The Norwegian Horticultural Society when I was 20. I went on to have most of the roles in the team, and had seven years as Editor-in-Chief of Norsk Hagetidend, Norways largest and oldest gardening magazine. At the same time I was also Head of Publications for the Society. After I left The Norwegian Horticultural Society, me and Kenneth published a magazine called Hagedrøm for å couple of years.

I still freelance for various publications here in Norway.

So far I’ve written five gardening books, “Herbaceous Perennials”, “Annuals and Container Plants”, “Bulbs”, “Edible Plants in Small Spaces” and “My Garden Calendar”. They are all in Norwegian. I also translate gardening books into norwegian for the publishing house Cappelen Damm.

I give talks on various garden related subjects to garden groups here in Norway and abroad. I travel all around Norway and am currently doing more and more talks in Britain. If you are interested in receiving my list of talks, please contact me via the contact page.

I have always been interested in photography, and photographing plants and gardens in particular. The photos I take are used to illustrate articles I write as well as talks that I give. My photos are also sold via GAP Photos a photo library specialising in plants and gardens.

I am a member of The Garden Media Guild and The Professional Garden Photographers Association.