About me

Hi, and welcome

My name is Tommy Tønsberg and I’m a norwegian gardener, writer, photographer, broadcaster and plant propagator. I live on a smallholding in a tiny place called Holter, 30 minutes north of Oslo, Norway. I live here with my partner Kenneth and three cats, Big Cat, Little Cat and Grey Cat. When not developing our garden we can be found in our small nursery where we propagate herbaceous perennials and some tender plants.

The main reason for starting the blog was to be able to show you some of the amazing plants we encounter or grow, gardens we visit, what’s happening in our garden through the short and hectic norwegian summer. Even though I tend to post quite a lot on Twitter, there is no room for telling the real stories behind a plant or a garden with so few characters, so hopefully this blog will be a supplement to the other forms of social media I do.

I started my career working in a garden centre and stayed on for four years. After that I went on to work for The Norwegian Horticultural Society, where I was on the Editorial Team for Norsk Hagetidend for nearly 13 years. I have also served on various committees for The Norwegian Horticultural Society, and various smaller garden groups and plant societies here in Norway.

In 2009 we moved from a rather small garden outside our apartment in Skedsmo, to a smallholding in Nannestad, quite close to Oslos main airport. With 18000 m2 at our feet we could start all the projects we had always wanted, plant the trees and shrubs we had never been able to grow before, and start the nursery we had always dreamed of.