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Primula Harlow Car hybrids

Last month we visited RHS Garden, Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire. This garden has been on my “must visit” list for some time so it was wonderful to finally get to visit. When browsing seed list you will occasionally come across the name Primula Harlow Car hybrids or Primula japonica ‘Harlow Carr’. (I didn’t forget an r, the name of the primula is spelled with one r.) I have long wanted to see these primulas growing in Harlow Carr, so it was a real treat that they were at their very best when we visited in the middle of June.


This group of candelabra primula hybrids have developed over time as different species of Primula, Primula japonica, Primula bulleyana, Primula beesiana and Primula pulverulenta have cross bred. The results is a myriad of different colour forms.


The biggest colonies of these hybrid primulas are found growing along the streamside, running through the garden, but we also saw big plantings other places in the garden. I now have a packet of seeds from the RHS Seed Distribution. Hopefully we’ll have a few growing in our garden to remind us of this first visit to Harlow Carr.

Primula Harlow Car hybrids grows best in a moist soil in sun or partial shade. They make semi evergreen rosettes and when in flower the plants are about 60 cm tall, with whorls of flowers. When they thrive, they will self seed.



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