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Plant fair at Domkirkeodden, Hamar

Last sunday was the annual plant fair of Staudeklubben Miøsen (Sort of like the Hardy Plant Society). In addition to the plant fair, which features nurseries and private individuals from both Norway and Sweden selling plants, there were also several talks and a garden visit.

We attended with our plants, and as well as selling well, we also met up with loads of plant friends and colleagues.

The Herb Garden consists of over 400 different varieties.

The plant fair is held in the grounds of the open air museum of Domkirkeodden. This is the site of the old Hamar Cathedral which was erected in 1152/1153. Today only the ruins of the Cathedral and the medieval town, Hamarkaupangen remains, but the museum also consist of old buildings that would have been in the Hedmark area during the 18th and 19th century.

The oldest part of The Herb Garden.

Here you will also find The Herb Garden. The garden was founded in 1975, started as a private initiative by Cecilie Jensen,  who thought that the museum should have a herb garden. Today the herb garden is the largest of its kind in Norway, with over 400 different species, both herbs, plants used for colouring, magic and some ornamentals that would have been grown in the area.

Today the herb garden is run by the museum and is in the hands of Hildur Hauksdóttir. There are daily guided walks in the herb garden during the summer season, but please check the website of the museum before planning a visit.

The Sensory Garden – plants in raised beds with name plates in braille.
The Poison Garden
Silybum marianum
Chenopodium capitatum
Part of the original Herb Garden.

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